Ri Ri Hong Mala Hot Pot

 Looking for a good bowl of stir fry mala to fill yourself up? I have been a fan of this food trend since the day it has popped up in our local coffee shops or food courts.

So I was glad to learn of Ri Ri Hong, which is serving up bowl and bowl of authentic Mala Hot Pot to local Singaporean by their Henan born owner, Zou Hai Rong.

 photo IMG_6558_Fotor_zps34bc710a.jpg

When I first arrive at the location, I was surprised to know that there is a helper who will help you pick out your ingredients, and place it into a huge bowl that is big enough to cover my face.

Boosting quite a wide selection of veggies, I was happy to see my favourite lotus root and bamboo shoot, and also kelp!

We picked at least 10 different ingredients, mainly vegetables and a couple of bean curd and meat. The store owner tried to cross-sell us into taking more meat but it is definitely ok to reject her.

She will proceed to throw in a couple more ingredients to round up the cost to the nearest dollar which is SGD 16 in our case.

 photo IMG_6562_Fotor_zps7fefb5a3.jpg

Within 5-10 mins, our bowl of low spicy mala was ready! Look at how gloriously good it looks!
 photo IMG_6564_Fotor_zps99720120.jpg

We three girls finished up the bowl and we were full to the brim as they are really generous with the portions! Check out how big that bowl is in comparision to my hands! photo IMG_6568_zpsf66dbc53.jpg



Definitely impressed with the food served there, I love how the spiciness level isit too overwhelming and suitable for local tastebuds. So if you are looking for a good bowl of Mala Xiang Guo this weekend, why not head down to Chinatown to give them a try?




People’s Park Food Centre, 32 New Market Road, 01-1042 & 01-1052
Nearest MRT: Chinatown (NEL)

Opening Hours
11am to 9pm daily


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