Taking at Break @ Subang, Indonesia!

Hi all!

Sorry for disappearing for quite a while. Work have been pretty busy and I am just back from a trip to Subang, Indonesia where I had taken upon a voluntary role to assist in the education of rice farmers in farming mechanisation.
 photo 10410818_10153426807134041_2218253977479035380_n.jpg

I got a chance to try my hand at harvesting rice and boy was it hard work!

We harvest about 20m x 10m area of rice, and it only gave us 3.5 sacks of rice and a whole load of body aches. Can you imagine how backbreaking the work is for the rice farmer? Even a small palmful of rice grains were precious to them as the rice were sold by weight.

 photo 10592807_10153426973109041_4250213874549985249_n.jpg

 photo 10647123_10153426973404041_833978285716627946_n.jpg

 photo 10616458_10153426978259041_4912110489690615842_n.jpg

 photo 10635878_10153426978764041_6987253105585803893_n.jpg

Had a couple of days interacting and educating individual farmers and their groups and it was such an enriching experience to hear about the ways they try to generate income for their family.

 photo 10462586_10153429155419041_2399071405254097054_n.jpg

As always, food is always part of my life, and I was happily nomming on street food and great Indonesian food.
 photo 10636090_10153429155364041_5568862379906532868_n.jpg

After all the work, we got to do a little sightseeing at Tangkuban Parahu, an active volcano. We were 1830m above sea level so it was pretty nice and chilly in the area!
Up a Volcano! photo 10646945_10153434426574041_3165728051292248265_n.jpg
Up a Volcano! photo 10649686_10153434426699041_3337105008425721244_n.jpg
Up a Volcano! photo 10312541_10153434427474041_4455043994233956806_n.jpg

We also got to taste some of the crazy awesome pineapples which were sold in the area. Juicy sweet, everyone was happily stuffing their face!

Last Day in Subang and we did a little sightseeing! photo 10460922_10153434413759041_1455360935460994919_n.jpg
Last Day in Subang and we did a little sightseeing! photo 10649544_10153434413859041_8178562568877690256_n.jpg

I will be heading out to Philippines for work again next week, but once I am back, I will definitely have some great new content for you guys and a crazy awesome giveaway ready!


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